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Drawing on our extensive experience in employment and labor law, we focus on providing the highest quality workplace investigations. We work with a broad range of Washington state employers in both the public and private sectors.

We help them mitigate risk, hold employees accountable, and further a professional, respectful workplace.

Located in Olympia, our particular focus is on assisting South Sound employers; however, we also conduct investigations statewide.

We have substantial expertise in conducting discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment investigations; however, we are also well versed in a broad array of alleged employee misconduct and workplace dysfunctionality.

We thoughtfully prepare a customized plan for each investigation. Our investigations are thorough, timely, and unbiased. Our reports are clear and well-written. Our goal is to ensure that an employer has all the information it needs to adopt successful workplace solutions.

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Kari Hanson - Over 20 years of employment law experience

Kari Hanson - CEO/Founder

After clerking in Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals, she entered private practice, representing plaintiffs in employment and civil rights matters. In 2003, she joined the Washington State Office of the Attorney General’s Labor and Personnel Division, where she worked until August 2019.

While working as an Assistant Attorney General, Kari represented a wide range of state agencies on employment and labor matters, including the Department of Corrections, the Washington State Patrol, the Legislature, the Department of Natural Resources, the Washington State Fruit Commission, and several community colleges. She provided litigation and advice services on diverse legal topics, including employee misconduct; she has reviewed and advised on hundreds of workplace investigations.

Beginning in 2017, Kari served as the lead for the Office of the Attorney General’s Sexual Harassment Response Team, a group of employees who conduct investigations into allegations of sexual harassment. In that capacity, Kari conducted or assigned and monitored investigations. She consulted on and reviewed investigation reports prepared by team members.

In addition to this work, Kari has conducted discrimination and climate assessment investigations for the Office of the Attorney General.

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